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@@ -5086,11 +5086,12 @@
     revision to configure.ac to support ARM on aarch64 instead (John Bowler).
 Version 1.6.15beta05 [November 5, 2014]
   Use png_get_libpng_ver(NULL) instead of PNG_LIBPNG_VER_STRING in
     example.c, pngtest.c, and applications in the contrib directory.
-  Avoid out-of-bounds memory access in png_user_version_check().
+  Fixed an out-of-range read in png_user_version_check() (Bug report from
+    Qixue Xiao, CVE-2015-8540).
   Simplified and future-proofed png_user_version_check().
   Fixed GCC unsigned int->float warnings. Various versions of GCC
     seem to generate warnings when an unsigned value is implicitly
     converted to double. This is probably a GCC bug but this change
     avoids the issue by explicitly converting to (int) where safe.

@@ -5444,11 +5445,11 @@
     png_handle_pCAL() (Bug report by John Regehr).
 Version 1.6.20beta02 [November 23, 2015]
   Fixed incorrect implementation of png_set_PLTE() that uses png_ptr
     not info_ptr, that left png_set_PLTE() open to the CVE-2015-8126
-    vulnerability.
+    vulnerability.  Fixes CVE-2015-8472.
 Version 1.6.20beta03 [November 24, 2015]
   Backported tests from libpng-1.7.0beta69.
 Version 1.6.20rc01 [November 26, 2015]

@@ -5469,10 +5470,159 @@
     in the stream).
 Version 1.6.20 [December 3, 2015]
   No changes.
+Version 1.6.21beta01 [December 11, 2015]
+  Fixed syntax "$(command)" in tests/pngstest that some shells other than
+    bash could not parse (Bug report by Nelson Beebe). Use `command` instead.
+Version 1.6.21beta02 [December 14, 2015]
+  Moved png_check_keyword() from pngwutil.c to pngset.c
+  Removed LE/BE dependencies in pngvalid, to 'fix' the current problem
+    in the BigEndian tests by not testing it, making the BE code the same 
+    as the LE version.
+  Fixes to pngvalid for various reduced build configurations (eliminate unused
+    statics) and a fix for the case in rgb_to_gray when the digitize option
+    reduces graylo to 0, producing a large error.
+Version 1.6.21beta03 [December 18, 2015]
+  Widened the 'limit' check on the internally calculated error limits in
+    the 'DIGITIZE' case (the code used prior to 1.7 for rgb_to_gray error
+    checks) and changed the check to only operate in non-release builds
+    (base build type not RC or RELEASE.)
+  Fixed undefined behavior in pngvalid.c, undefined because
+    (png_byte) << shift is undefined if it changes the signed bit
+    (because png_byte is promoted to int). The libpng exported functions
+    png_get_uint_32 and png_get_uint_16 handle this. (Bug reported by
+    David Drysdale as a result of reports from UBSAN in clang 3.8).
+  This changes pngvalid to use BE random numbers; this used to produce
+    errors but these should not be fixed as a result of the previous changes.
+Version 1.6.21rc01 [January 4, 2016]
+  In projects/vstudio, combined readme.txt and WARNING into README.txt
+Version 1.6.21rc02 [January 7, 2016]
+  Relocated assert() in contrib/tools/pngfix.c, bug found by American
+    Fuzzy Lop, reported by Brian Carpenter.
+  Marked 'limit' UNUSED in transform_range_check().  This only affects
+    release builds.
+Version 1.6.21 [January 15, 2016]
+  Worked around a false-positive Coverity issue in pngvalid.c.
+Version 1.6.22beta01 [January 23, 2016]
+  Changed PNG_USE_MKSTEMP to __COVERITY__ to select alternate
+    "tmpfile()" implementation in contrib/libtests/pngstest.c
+  Fixed NO_STDIO build of pngunknown.c to skip calling png_init_io()
+    if there is no stdio.h support.
+  Added a png_image_write_to_memory() API and a number of assist macros
+    to allow an application that uses the simplified API write to bypass
+    stdio and write directly to memory.
+  Added some warnings (png.h) and some check code to detect *possible*
+    overflow in the ROW_STRIDE and simplified image SIZE macros.  This
+    disallows image width/height/format that *might* overflow.  This is
+    a quiet API change that limits in-memory image size (uncompressed) to
+    less than 4GByte and image row size (stride) to less than 2GByte.
+  Revised workaround for false-positive Coverity issue in pngvalid.c.
+Version 1.6.22beta02 [February 8, 2016]
+  Only use exit(77) in configure builds.
+  Corrected error in PNG_IMAGE_PNG_SIZE_MAX. This new macro underreported
+    the palette size because it failed to take into account that the memory
+    palette has to be expanded to full RGB when it is written to PNG.
+  Updated CMakeLists.txt, added supporting scripts/gen*.cmake.in
+    and test.cmake.in (Roger Leigh).
+  Relaxed limit checks on gamma values in pngrtran.c. As suggested in
+    the comments gamma values outside the range currently permitted
+    by png_set_alpha_mode are useful for HDR data encoding.  These values
+    are already permitted by png_set_gamma so it is reasonable caution to
+    extend the png_set_alpha_mode range as HDR imaging systems are starting
+    to emerge.
+Version 1.6.22beta03 [March 9, 2016]
+  Added a common-law trademark notice and export control information
+    to the LICENSE file, png.h, and the man page.
+  Restored "& 0xff" in png_save_uint_16() and png_save_uint_32() that
+    were accidentally removed from libpng-1.6.17. 
+  Changed PNG_INFO_cHNK and PNG_FREE_cHNK from 0xnnnn to 0xnnnnU in png.h
+    (Robert C. Seacord).
+  Removed dubious "#if INT_MAX" test from png.h that was added to
+    libpng-1.6.19beta02 (John Bowler).
+  Add ${INCLUDES} in scripts/genout.cmake.in (Bug report by Nixon Kwok).
+  Updated LICENSE to say files in the contrib directory are not
+    necessarily under the libpng license, and that some makefiles have
+    other copyright owners.
+  Added INTEL-SSE2 support (Mike Klein and Matt Sarett, Google, Inc.).
+  Made contrib/libtests/timepng more robust.  The code no longer gives
+    up/fails on invalid PNG data, it just skips it (with error messages).
+    The code no longer fails on PNG files with data beyond IEND.  Options
+    exist to use png_read_png (reading the whole image, not by row) and, in
+    that case, to apply any of the supported transforms.  This makes for
+    more realistic testing; the decoded data actually gets used in a
+    meaningful fashion (John Bowler).
+  Fixed some misleading indentation (Krishnaraj Bhat).
+Version 1.6.22beta04 [April 5, 2016]
+  Force GCC compilation to C89 if needed (Dagobert Michelsen).
+  SSE filter speed improvements for bpp=3:
+    memcpy-free implementations of load3() / store3().
+    call load3() only when needed at the end of a scanline.
+Version 1.6.22beta05 [April 27, 2016]
+  Added PNG_FAST_FILTERS macro (defined as
+  Various fixes for contrib/libtests/timepng.c
+  Moved INTEL-SSE code from pngpriv.h into contrib/intel/intel_sse.patch.
+  Fixed typo (missing underscore) in #define PNG_READ_16_TO_8_SUPPORTED
+    (Bug report by Y.Ohashik).
+Version 1.6.22beta06 [May 5, 2016]
+  Rebased contrib/intel_sse.patch.
+  Quieted two Coverity issues in contrib/libtests/timepng.c.
+  Fixed issues with scripts/genout.cmake.in (David Capello, Nixon Kwok):
+    Added support to use multiple directories in ZLIBINCDIR variable,
+    Fixed CMAKE_C_FLAGS with multiple values when genout is compiled on MSVC,
+    Fixed pnglibconf.c compilation on OS X including the sysroot path.
+Version 1.6.22rc01 [May 14, 2016]
+  No changes.
+Version 1.6.22rc02 [May 16, 2016]
+  Removed contrib/timepng from default build; it does not build on platforms
+    that don't supply clock_gettime().
+Version 1.6.22rc03 [May 17, 2016]
+  Restored contrib/timepng to default build but check for the presence
+    of clock_gettime() in configure.ac and Makefile.am.
+Version 1.6.22 [May 26, 2016]
+  No changes.
+Version 1.6.23beta01 [May 29, 2016]
+  Stop a potential memory leak in png_set_tRNS() (Bug report by Ted Ying).
+  Fixed the progressive reader to handle empty first IDAT chunk properly
+    (patch by Timothy Nikkel).  This bug was introduced in libpng-1.6.0 and
+    only affected the libpng16 branch.
+  Added tests in pngvalid.c to check zero-length IDAT chunks in various
+    positions.  Fixed the sequential reader to handle these more robustly
+    (John Bowler).
+Version 1.6.23rc01 [June 2, 2016]
+  Corrected progressive read input buffer in pngvalid.c. The previous version
+    the code invariably passed just one byte at a time to libpng.  The intent
+    was to pass a random number of bytes in the range 0..511.
+  Moved sse2 prototype from pngpriv.h to contrib/intel/intel_sse.patch.
+  Added missing ")" in pngerror.c (Matt Sarrett).
+Version 1.6.23rc02 [June 4, 2016]
+  Fixed undefined behavior in png_push_save_buffer(). Do not call
+    memcpy() with a null source, even if count is zero (Leon Scroggins III).
+Version 1.6.23 [June 9, 2016]
+  Fixed bad link to RFC2083 in png.5 (Nikola Forro).
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