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rev 7727 : 8020539: Clean up doclint problems in java.util package, part 2
Summary: Clean up doclint errors and warnings in classes in java.util
Reviewed-by: darcy,chegar
Contributed-by: Brian Burkhalter <>

@@ -559,10 +559,11 @@
     * or atomicity properties of this method. Any implementation providing
     * atomicity guarantees must override this method and document its
     * concurrency properties.
     * @param key the key whose associated value is to be returned
+    * @param defaultValue the default mapping of the key
     * @return the value to which the specified key is mapped, or
     * {@code defaultValue} if this map contains no mapping for the key
     * @throws ClassCastException if the key is of an inappropriate type for
     * this map
     * (<a href="Collection.html#optional-restrictions">optional</a>)