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rev 17392 : [mq]: 8182710.01
rev 17391 : 8182710: File.listRoots() always returns the root of CD drive
Summary: Include only logical drives with an extant filesystem location
Reviewed-by: XXX
rev 16471 : 8153250: does not handle Windows paths of the form "D:" (no path) correctly
Summary: When resolving a child to a parent, do not insert a file separator for Windows directory-relative paths
Reviewed-by: rriggs
rev 16362 : 8148023: File.createTempFile is not adhering to the contract regarding file name lengths
Summary: Truncate the prefix, suffix, random characters per the specification
Reviewed-by: rriggs
rev 14359 : 8155775: Re-examine naming of privileged methods to access System properties
Reviewed-by: mullan
rev 14265 : 8154231: Simplify access to System properties from JDK code
Reviewed-by: rriggs, chegar, weijun
rev 12301 : 8077242: (str) Optimize AbstractStringBuilder.append(CharSequence, int, int) for String argument
Reviewed-by: martin
rev 10444 : 8054834: Modular Source Code
Reviewed-by: alanb, chegar, ihse, mduigou
17 lines changed: 1 ins; 10 del; 6 mod; 656 unchg

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