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@@ -1119,15 +1119,14 @@
   bool _thread_holds_heap_lock_for_gc;
   // Returns true if the calling thread holds the heap lock,
   // or the calling thread is a par gc thread and the heap_lock is held
   // by the vm thread doing a gc operation.
   bool heap_lock_held_for_gc();
-  void set_heap_lock_held_for_gc(bool value) { _thread_holds_heap_lock_for_gc = value; }
 #endif // PRODUCT
+  void set_heap_lock_held_for_gc(bool value) PRODUCT_RETURN;
   // If G1VerifyBitmaps is set, verify that the marking bitmaps for
   // the given region do not have any spurious marks. If errors are
   // detected, print appropriate error messages and crash.
   void check_bitmaps(const char* caller, HeapRegion* hr) PRODUCT_RETURN;
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