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@@ -285,12 +285,11 @@
   double verify(bool guard, const char* msg);
   void verify_before_gc();
   void verify_after_gc();
-  void log_gc_header();
-  void log_gc_footer(double pause_time_sec);
+  void log_gc_footer(double pause_time_counter);
   void trace_heap(GCWhen::Type when, const GCTracer* tracer);
   // These are macros so that, if the assert fires, we get the correct
   // line number, file, etc.

@@ -698,12 +697,12 @@
   // (Rounds down to a HeapRegion boundary.)
   virtual void shrink(size_t expand_bytes);
   void shrink_helper(size_t expand_bytes);
-  static void print_taskqueue_stats_hdr(outputStream* const st = gclog_or_tty);
-  void print_taskqueue_stats(outputStream* const st = gclog_or_tty) const;
+  static void print_taskqueue_stats_hdr(outputStream* const st);
+  void print_taskqueue_stats() const;
   void reset_taskqueue_stats();
   #endif // TASKQUEUE_STATS
   // Schedule the VM operation that will do an evacuation pause to
   // satisfy an allocation request of word_size. *succeeded will

@@ -732,14 +731,13 @@
   void pre_evacuate_collection_set();
   void post_evacuate_collection_set(EvacuationInfo& evacuation_info, G1ParScanThreadStateSet* pss);
   // Print the header for the per-thread termination statistics.
-  static void print_termination_stats_hdr(outputStream* const st);
+  static void print_termination_stats_hdr();
   // Print actual per-thread termination statistics.
-  void print_termination_stats(outputStream* const st,
-                               uint worker_id,
+  void print_termination_stats(uint worker_id,
                                double elapsed_ms,
                                double strong_roots_ms,
                                double term_ms,
                                size_t term_attempts,
                                size_t alloc_buffer_waste,

@@ -1505,14 +1503,11 @@
   // vo == UseNextMarking, which is to verify the "next" marking
   // information at the end of remark.
   // Currently there is only one place where this is called with
   // vo == UseMarkWord, which is to verify the marking during a
   // full GC.
-  void verify(bool silent, VerifyOption vo);
-  // Override; it uses the "prev" marking information
-  virtual void verify(bool silent);
+  void verify(VerifyOption vo);
   // The methods below are here for convenience and dispatch the
   // appropriate method depending on value of the given VerifyOption
   // parameter. The values for that parameter, and their meanings,
   // are the same as those above.
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