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@@ -31,10 +31,11 @@
 // collection set.
 class G1CollectedHeap;
 class ConcurrentG1Refine;
 class G1ParPushHeapRSClosure;
+class outputStream;
 // A G1RemSet in which each heap region has a rem set that records the
 // external heap references into it.  Uses a mod ref bs to track updates,
 // so that they can be used to update the individual region remsets.

@@ -71,12 +72,10 @@
   // Used for caching the closure that is responsible for scanning
   // references into the collection set.
   G1ParPushHeapRSClosure** _cset_rs_update_cl;
-  // Print the given summary info
-  virtual void print_summary_info(G1RemSetSummary * summary, const char * header = NULL);
   // This is called to reset dual hash tables after the gc pause
   // is finished and the initial hash table is no longer being
   // scanned.
   void cleanupHRRS();

@@ -144,11 +143,11 @@
   // Print accumulated summary info from the start of the VM.
   virtual void print_summary_info();
   // Print accumulated summary info from the last time called.
-  virtual void print_periodic_summary_info(const char* header);
+  virtual void print_periodic_summary_info(const char* header, uint period_count);
   // Prepare remembered set for verification.
   virtual void prepare_for_verify();
   size_t conc_refine_cards() const {
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