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@@ -322,22 +322,22 @@
   void       set_tree_hints(void);
   // Reset statistics for all the lists in the tree.
   void       clear_tree_census(void);
   // Print the statistics for all the lists in the tree.  Also may
   // print out summaries.
-  void       print_dict_census(void) const;
+  void       print_dict_census(outputStream* st) const;
   void       print_free_lists(outputStream* st) const;
   // For debugging.  Returns the sum of the _returned_bytes for
   // all lists in the tree.
   size_t     sum_dict_returned_bytes()     PRODUCT_RETURN0;
   // Sets the _returned_bytes for all the lists in the tree to zero.
   void       initialize_dict_returned_bytes()      PRODUCT_RETURN;
   // For debugging.  Return the total number of chunks in the dictionary.
   size_t     total_count()       PRODUCT_RETURN0;
-  void       report_statistics() const;
+  void       report_statistics(outputStream* st) const;
   void       verify() const;
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