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8248238: Adding Windows support to OpenJDK on AArch64

Summary: LP64 vs LLP64 changes to add Windows support

Contributed-by: Monica Beckwith <monica.beckwith@microsoft.com>, Ludovic Henry <luhenry@microsoft.com>

@@ -176,20 +176,20 @@
     Register end = t1;
     Register heap_end = rscratch2;
     Label retry;
     __ bind(retry);
-      unsigned long offset;
+      uint64_t offset;
       __ adrp(rscratch1, ExternalAddress((address) Universe::heap()->end_addr()), offset);
       __ ldr(heap_end, Address(rscratch1, offset));
     ExternalAddress heap_top((address) Universe::heap()->top_addr());
     // Get the current top of the heap
-      unsigned long offset;
+      uint64_t offset;
       __ adrp(rscratch1, heap_top, offset);
       // Use add() here after ARDP, rather than lea().
       // lea() does not generate anything if its offset is zero.
       // However, relocs expect to find either an ADD or a load/store
       // insn after an ADRP.  add() always generates an ADD insn, even
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