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8248238: Adding Windows support to OpenJDK on AArch64

Summary: LP64 vs LLP64 changes to add Windows support

Contributed-by: Monica Beckwith <monica.beckwith@microsoft.com>, Ludovic Henry <luhenry@microsoft.com>

@@ -44,11 +44,11 @@
  * logical immediate instruction. encodings are supplied and returned
  * as 32 bit values. if a given 13 bit immediate has no corresponding
  * encoding then a map lookup will return 0xffffffff.
-u_int64_t logical_immediate_for_encoding(u_int32_t encoding);
-u_int32_t encoding_for_logical_immediate(u_int64_t immediate);
-u_int64_t fp_immediate_for_encoding(u_int32_t imm8, int is_dp);
-u_int32_t encoding_for_fp_immediate(float immediate);
+uint64_t logical_immediate_for_encoding(uint32_t encoding);
+uint32_t encoding_for_logical_immediate(uint64_t immediate);
+uint64_t fp_immediate_for_encoding(uint32_t imm8, int is_dp);
+uint32_t encoding_for_fp_immediate(float immediate);
 #endif // _IMMEDIATE_H
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