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@@ -73,11 +73,11 @@
 \  --module <modulename>[/<mainclass>]\n\
 \          the initial module to resolve, and the name of the main class\n\
 \          to execute if not specified by the module\n\
 \  -p <module path>\n\
 \  --module-path <module path>...\n\
-\          A : separated list of directories, each directory\n\
+\          A {0} separated list of directories, each directory\n\
 \          is a directory of modules.\n\
 \  --add-modules <modulename>[,<modulename>...]\n\
 \          root modules to resolve in addition to the initial module\n\
 \  --limit-modules <modulename>[,<modulename>...]\n\
 \          limit the universe of observable modules\n\

@@ -167,20 +167,17 @@
 \          height of the application.\n\
 \  -v      enable verbose output.\n\
 MSG_Help_7=Sample usages:\n\
-javapackager -createjar -appclass package.ClassName  \n\
-\  -srcdir classes -outdir out -outfile outjar -v\n\
-\          Packages the content of the classes directory to outjar.jar,\n\
-\          sets the application class to package.ClassName.\n\
-javapackager -deploy -outdir outdir -outfile outfile -width 34 -height 43 \n\
+javapackager -deploy -native jnlp -outdir outdir -outfile outfile -width 34 -height 43 \n\
 \  -name AppName -appclass package.ClassName -v -srcdir compiled\n\
 \          Generates outfile.jnlp and corresponding outfile.html files in \n\
 \          outdir for aplication AppName that is started by package.ClassName\n\
-\          class and has dimensions of 34x43.
+\          class and has dimensions of 34x43.\n\
+javapackager -deploy -native native -outdir outdir -name AppName -m modulename/mainclass\n\
+\          Generates a native image and all native installers.
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