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@@ -1438,10 +1438,14 @@
   void clone_concrete_loop_predicates(Deoptimization::DeoptReason reason, ProjNode* old_predicate_proj,
                                       ProjNode* new_predicate_proj, bool is_slow_loop,
                                       uint idx_before_clone, Node_List &old_new);
   bool _created_loop_node;
+#ifdef ASSERT
+  void dump_real_LCA(Node* early, Node* wrong_lca);
+  bool check_idom_chains_intersection(const Node* n, uint& idom_idx_new, uint& idom_idx_other, const Node_List* nodes_seen) const;
   void set_created_loop_node() { _created_loop_node = true; }
   bool created_loop_node()     { return _created_loop_node; }
   void register_new_node(Node* n, Node* blk);

@@ -1450,10 +1454,11 @@
   void dump_bad_graph(const char* msg, Node* n, Node* early, Node* LCA);
 #ifndef PRODUCT
   void dump() const;
+  void dump_idom(Node* n) const;
   void dump(IdealLoopTree* loop, uint rpo_idx, Node_List &rpo_list) const;
   void verify() const;          // Major slow  :-)
   void verify_compare(Node* n, const PhaseIdealLoop* loop_verify, VectorSet &visited) const;
   IdealLoopTree* get_loop_idx(Node* n) const {
     // Dead nodes have no loop, so return the top level loop instead
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