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@@ -62,18 +62,10 @@
         and its implementation. */
     public static native Class<?> getCallerClass();
-    /**
-     * @deprecated This method will be removed.
-     * This method is a private JDK API and retained temporarily to
-     * simplify the implementation of sun.misc.Reflection.getCallerClass.
-     */
-    @Deprecated(forRemoval=true)
-    public static native Class<?> getCallerClass(int depth);
     /** Retrieves the access flags written to the class file. For
         inner classes these flags may differ from those returned by
         Class.getModifiers(), which searches the InnerClasses
         attribute to find the source-level access flags. This is used
         instead of Class.getModifiers() for run-time access checks due
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