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rev 50850 : 8203030: Zero s390 31 bit size_t type conflicts in shared code
Summary: Cast to size_t or change to size_t foe compatibility with other archs.
Reviewed-by: Duke
Contributed-by: chrisphi

@@ -89,11 +89,11 @@
   // Pretouch the given memory range.
   void pretouch_internal(size_t start_page, size_t end_page);
   // Returns the index of the page which contains the given address.
-  uintptr_t  addr_to_page_index(char* addr) const;
+  size_t  addr_to_page_index(char* addr) const;
   // Returns the address of the given page index.
   char*  page_start(size_t index) const;
   // Is the given page index the last page?
   bool is_last_page(size_t index) const { return index == (_committed.size() - 1); }
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