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rev 50850 : 8203030: Zero s390 31 bit size_t type conflicts in shared code
Summary: Cast to size_t or change to size_t foe compatibility with other archs.
Reviewed-by: Duke
Contributed-by: chrisphi

@@ -1114,11 +1114,11 @@
   return NULL;
 WB_ENTRY(jobject, WB_GetSizeTVMFlag(JNIEnv* env, jobject o, jstring name))
-  uintx result;
+  size_t result;
   if (GetVMFlag <size_t> (thread, env, name, &result, &JVMFlag::size_tAt)) {
     ThreadToNativeFromVM ttnfv(thread);   // can't be in VM when we call JNI
     return longBox(thread, env, result);
   return NULL;
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