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rev 51958 : 8211122: Reduce the number of internal classes made accessible to jdk.unsupported
Reviewed-by: alanb, dfuchs, kvn

@@ -25,12 +25,12 @@
 package java.lang.ref;
 import java.security.PrivilegedAction;
 import java.security.AccessController;
-import jdk.internal.misc.JavaLangAccess;
-import jdk.internal.misc.SharedSecrets;
+import jdk.internal.access.JavaLangAccess;
+import jdk.internal.access.SharedSecrets;
 import jdk.internal.misc.VM;
 final class Finalizer extends FinalReference<Object> { /* Package-private; must be in
                                                           same package as the Reference
                                                           class */
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