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@@ -1311,11 +1311,11 @@
   // Make sure neither the nmethod nor the method is flushed in case of a safepoint in code below.
   nmethodLocker nml(this);
   methodHandle the_method(method());
   // This can be called while the system is already at a safepoint which is ok
-  NoSafepointVerifier nsv(true, !SafepointSynchronize::is_at_safepoint());
+  NoSafepointVerifier nsv;
   // during patching, depending on the nmethod state we must notify the GC that
   // code has been unloaded, unregistering it. We cannot do this right while
   // holding the Patching_lock because we need to use the CodeCache_lock. This
   // would be prone to deadlocks.
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