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@@ -48,10 +48,11 @@
 #include "runtime/java.hpp"
 #include "runtime/mutexLocker.hpp"
 #include "runtime/sweeper.hpp"
 #include "services/memoryService.hpp"
 #include "trace/tracing.hpp"
+#include "utilities/vmError.hpp"
 #include "utilities/xmlstream.hpp"
 #ifdef COMPILER1
 #include "c1/c1_Compilation.hpp"
 #include "c1/c1_Compiler.hpp"

@@ -591,11 +592,11 @@
 // looked up (i.e., one that has been marked for deletion). It only depends on the _segmap to contain
 // valid indices, which it will always do, as long as the CodeBlob is not in the process of being recycled.
 CodeBlob* CodeCache::find_blob(void* start) {
   CodeBlob* result = find_blob_unsafe(start);
   // We could potentially look up non_entrant methods
-  guarantee(result == NULL || !result->is_zombie() || result->is_locked_by_vm() || is_error_reported(), "unsafe access to zombie method");
+  guarantee(result == NULL || !result->is_zombie() || result->is_locked_by_vm() || VMError::is_error_reported(), "unsafe access to zombie method");
   return result;
 // Lookup that does not fail if you lookup a zombie method (if you call this, be sure to know
 // what you are doing)
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