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@@ -775,11 +775,11 @@
   size_t preclean_card_table(ConcurrentMarkSweepGeneration* old_gen,
                              ScanMarkedObjectsAgainCarefullyClosure* cl);
   // Does precleaning work, returning a quantity indicative of
   // the amount of "useful work" done.
   size_t preclean_work(bool clean_refs, bool clean_survivors);
-  void preclean_klasses(MarkRefsIntoAndScanClosure* cl, Mutex* freelistLock);
+  void preclean_cld(MarkRefsIntoAndScanClosure* cl, Mutex* freelistLock);
   void abortable_preclean(); // Preclean while looking for possible abort
   void initialize_sequential_subtasks_for_young_gen_rescan(int i);
   // Helper function for above; merge-sorts the per-thread plab samples
   void merge_survivor_plab_arrays(ContiguousSpace* surv, int no_of_gc_threads);
   // Resets (i.e. clears) the per-thread plab sample vectors
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