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@@ -67,13 +67,16 @@
   static ClassLoaderData* find_or_create(Handle class_loader);
   static void clean_module_and_package_info();
   static void purge();
   static void clear_claimed_marks();
   // Iteration through CLDG inside a safepoint; GC support
-  static void cld_do(CLDClosure* cl);
+  static void cld_oops_do(CLDClosure* cl);
   static void cld_unloading_do(CLDClosure* cl);
   static void roots_cld_do(CLDClosure* strong, CLDClosure* weak);
+  static void always_strong_cld_oops_do(CLDClosure* cl);
+  // Iteration through CLDG not by GC.
+  static void cld_do(CLDClosure* cl);
   static void always_strong_cld_do(CLDClosure* cl);
   // klass do
   // Walking classes through the ClassLoaderDataGraph include array classes.  It also includes
   // classes that are allocated but not loaded, classes that have errors, and scratch classes
   // for redefinition.  These classes are removed during the next class unloading.
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