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rev 794 : 6792545: Typo in java.util.Collection JavaDoc
6655123: Incorrect ref to The Art of Computer Programming in doc for java.util.Random
Summary: Fix a pair of typos.
Reviewed-by: jjg

@@ -30,11 +30,11 @@
  * An instance of this class is used to generate a stream of
  * pseudorandom numbers. The class uses a 48-bit seed, which is
  * modified using a linear congruential formula. (See Donald Knuth,
- * <i>The Art of Computer Programming, Volume 3</i>, Section 3.2.1.)
+ * <i>The Art of Computer Programming, Volume 2</i>, Section 3.2.1.)
  * <p>
  * If two instances of {@code Random} are created with the same
  * seed, and the same sequence of method calls is made for each, they
  * will generate and return identical sequences of numbers. In order to
  * guarantee this property, particular algorithms are specified for the