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@@ -254,11 +254,11 @@
                      * referenced by the bytecodes to be loaded and initialized. Since we do not run
                      * the code before static analysis, the classes would otherwise be not loaded
                      * yet and the bytecode parser would only create a graph.
                     Plugins plugins = new Plugins(new InvocationPlugins());
-                    GraphBuilderConfiguration graphBuilderConfig = GraphBuilderConfiguration.getDefault(plugins).withEagerResolving(true);
+                    GraphBuilderConfiguration graphBuilderConfig = GraphBuilderConfiguration.getDefault(plugins).withEagerResolving(true).withUnresolvedIsError(true);
                      * For simplicity, we ignore all exception handling during the static analysis.
                      * This is a constraint of this example code, a real static analysis needs to
                      * handle the Graal nodes for throwing and handling exceptions.
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