JSR-335: Lambda Expressions for the Java™ Programming Language

Proposed Final Draft Specification

Specification Lead: Brian Goetz, Oracle

December 2013. Copyright © 2013 Oracle America, Inc., and/or its affiliates (license)


JSR-335 extends the Java™ Programming Language to support the following features:

It also adds new classes and methods to the Java SE API to support aggregate data operations (sequential and parallel) on collections and other data sources.

JSR-335 is a component of the JSR-337 umbrella for Java SE 8, which is currently scheduled for release in March 2014.


This bundle contains:

Additional references

The Expert Group discussions for this JSR, from Sept 2012 onward, can be found at lambda-spec-experts and lambda-libs-spec-experts. Informal discussions on the development of the reference implementation (Project Lambda) within the OpenJDK community can be found at lambda-dev.

Please send feedback on these documents to lambda-spec-comments@openjdk.java.net (archive).