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@@ -48,10 +48,14 @@
   static ObjArrayKlass* allocate(ClassLoaderData* loader_data, int n, Klass* k, Symbol* name, TRAPS);
   // For dummy objects
   ObjArrayKlass() {}
+  // if ObjArrayKlass is used to represent an LWorld "Q-type" value type array, the only thing we can give null-free (i.e. not flattened)
+  // ArrayStorageProperties::empty meaning nothing special, array of references (possibly even to value types)
+  ArrayStorageProperties storage_properties();
   Klass* bottom_klass() const       { return _bottom_klass; }
   void set_bottom_klass(Klass* k)   { _bottom_klass = k; }
   Klass** bottom_klass_addr()       { return &_bottom_klass; }
   ModuleEntry* module() const;

@@ -63,11 +67,11 @@
                                                   Array<InstanceKlass*>* transitive_interfaces);
   DEBUG_ONLY(bool is_objArray_klass_slow()  const  { return true; })
   int oop_size(oop obj) const;
   // Allocation
-  static Klass* allocate_objArray_klass(ClassLoaderData* loader_data,
+  static Klass* allocate_objArray_klass(ArrayStorageProperties storage_props,
                                           int n, Klass* element_klass, TRAPS);
   objArrayOop allocate(int length, TRAPS);
   oop multi_allocate(int rank, jint* sizes, TRAPS);

@@ -85,14 +89,14 @@
   void do_copy(arrayOop s, size_t src_offset,
                arrayOop d, size_t dst_offset,
                int length, TRAPS);
   // Returns the ObjArrayKlass for n'th dimension.
-  virtual Klass* array_klass_impl(bool or_null, int n, TRAPS);
+  virtual Klass* array_klass_impl(ArrayStorageProperties storage_props, bool or_null, int n, TRAPS);
   // Returns the array class with this class as element type.
-  virtual Klass* array_klass_impl(bool or_null, TRAPS);
+  virtual Klass* array_klass_impl(ArrayStorageProperties storage_props, bool or_null, TRAPS);
   static ObjArrayKlass* cast(Klass* k) {
     return const_cast<ObjArrayKlass*>(cast(const_cast<const Klass*>(k)));
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