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@@ -256,11 +256,11 @@
     // Although the oopFactory likes to work with the elem_type,
     // the compiler prefers the array_type, since it must already have
     // that latter value in hand for the fast path.
     Handle holder(THREAD, array_type->klass_holder()); // keep the array klass alive
     Klass* elem_type = ObjArrayKlass::cast(array_type)->element_klass();
-    result = oopFactory::new_array(elem_type, len, THREAD);
+    result = ObjArrayKlass::cast(array_type)->allocate(len, THREAD);
   // Pass oops back through thread local storage.  Our apparent type to Java
   // is that we return an oop, but we can block on exit from this routine and
   // a GC can trash the oop in C's return register.  The generated stub will
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