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rev 49480 : 8199138: Add RISC-V support to Zero
Reviewed-by: aph, erikj, ehelin, ihse

@@ -1731,10 +1731,13 @@
   #define EM_486          6               /* Intel 80486 */
 #ifndef EM_AARCH64
   #define EM_AARCH64    183               /* ARM AARCH64 */
+#ifndef EM_RISCV                          /* RISCV */
+  #define EM_RISCV      243
   static const arch_t arch_array[]={
     {EM_386,         EM_386,     ELFCLASS32, ELFDATA2LSB, (char*)"IA 32"},
     {EM_486,         EM_386,     ELFCLASS32, ELFDATA2LSB, (char*)"IA 32"},
     {EM_IA_64,       EM_IA_64,   ELFCLASS64, ELFDATA2LSB, (char*)"IA 64"},

@@ -1756,10 +1759,11 @@
     {EM_MIPS,        EM_MIPS,    ELFCLASS32, ELFDATA2MSB, (char*)"MIPS"},
     {EM_68K,         EM_68K,     ELFCLASS32, ELFDATA2MSB, (char*)"M68k"},
     {EM_AARCH64,     EM_AARCH64, ELFCLASS64, ELFDATA2LSB, (char*)"AARCH64"},
+    {EM_RISCV,       EM_RISCV,   ELFCLASS64, ELFDATA2LSB, (char*)"RISCV"},
 #if  (defined IA32)
   static  Elf32_Half running_arch_code=EM_386;
 #elif   (defined AMD64)

@@ -1772,10 +1776,12 @@
   static  Elf32_Half running_arch_code=EM_SPARC;
 #elif  (defined __powerpc64__)
   static  Elf32_Half running_arch_code=EM_PPC64;
 #elif  (defined __powerpc__)
   static  Elf32_Half running_arch_code=EM_PPC;
+#elif  (defined RISCV)
+  static  Elf32_Half running_arch_code=EM_RISCV;
 #elif  (defined AARCH64)
   static  Elf32_Half running_arch_code=EM_AARCH64;
 #elif  (defined ARM)
   static  Elf32_Half running_arch_code=EM_ARM;
 #elif  (defined S390)

@@ -1792,11 +1798,11 @@
   static  Elf32_Half running_arch_code=EM_68K;
 #elif  (defined SH)
   static  Elf32_Half running_arch_code=EM_SH;
     #error Method os::dll_load requires that one of following is defined:\
-        AARCH64, ALPHA, ARM, AMD64, IA32, IA64, M68K, MIPS, MIPSEL, PARISC, __powerpc__, __powerpc64__, S390, SH, __sparc
+        AARCH64, ALPHA, ARM, AMD64, IA32, IA64, M68K, MIPS, MIPSEL, PARISC, __powerpc__, __powerpc64__, S390, SH, __sparc, RISCV
   // Identify compatability class for VM's architecture and library's architecture
   // Obtain string descriptions for architectures

@@ -2307,10 +2313,12 @@
   strncpy(cpuinfo, "x86_32", length);
 #elif defined(IA64)
   strncpy(cpuinfo, "IA64", length);
 #elif defined(PPC)
   strncpy(cpuinfo, "PPC64", length);
+#elif defined(RISCV)
+  strncpy(cpuinfo, "RISCV", length);
 #elif defined(S390)
   strncpy(cpuinfo, "S390", length);
 #elif defined(SPARC)
   strncpy(cpuinfo, "sparcv9", length);
 #elif defined(ZERO_LIBARCH)
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