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rev 13049 : [mq]: pre_globals_minmax_macros

@@ -1093,12 +1093,15 @@
 #ifdef min
 #undef min
-#define max(a,b) Do_not_use_max_use_MAX2_instead
-#define min(a,b) Do_not_use_min_use_MIN2_instead
+// The following defines serve the purpose of preventing use of accidentally
+// included min max macros from compiling, while continuing to allow innocent
+// min and max identifiers in the code to compile as intended.
+#define max max
+#define min min
 // It is necessary to use templates here. Having normal overloaded
 // functions does not work because it is necessary to provide both 32-
 // and 64-bit overloaded functions, which does not work, and having
 // explicitly-typed versions of these routines (i.e., MAX2I, MAX2L)
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