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klass is_unloading no cache
   virtual void metaspace_pointers_do(MetaspaceClosure* iter);
   virtual MetaspaceObj::Type type() const { return ClassType; }
   // Iff the class loader (or mirror for unsafe anonymous classes) is alive the
   // Klass is considered alive.  Has already been marked as unloading.
-  bool is_loader_alive() const { return !class_loader_data()->is_unloading(); }
+  bool is_loader_alive() const { return class_loader_data()->is_alive(); }
   // Load the klass's holder as a phantom. This is useful when a weak Klass
   // pointer has been "peeked" and then must be kept alive before it may
   // be used safely.
   oop holder_phantom() const;
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