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@@ -227,11 +227,11 @@
 # Default make rule -- warning, may take a while
 all: $(JPRT_CLEAN) jtreg-tests jck-compiler-tests jck-runtime-tests $(JPRT_ARCHIVE_BUNDLE) all-summary
         @echo "Testing completed successfully"
-jtreg apt javac javadoc javah javap: $(JPRT_CLEAN) jtreg-tests $(JPRT_ARCHIVE_BUNDLE) jtreg-summary
+jtreg apt javac javadoc javah javap jdeps: $(JPRT_CLEAN) jtreg-tests $(JPRT_ARCHIVE_BUNDLE) jtreg-summary
         @echo "Testing completed successfully"
 jck-compiler: $(JPRT_CLEAN) jck-compiler-tests $(JPRT_ARCHIVE_BUNDLE) jck-compiler-summary
         @echo "Testing completed successfully"

@@ -244,10 +244,11 @@
 apt:            JTREG_TESTDIRS = tools/apt
 javac:          JTREG_TESTDIRS = tools/javac
 javadoc:        JTREG_TESTDIRS = tools/javadoc com/sun/javadoc
 javah:          JTREG_TESTDIRS = tools/javah
 javap:          JTREG_TESTDIRS = tools/javap
+jdeps:          JTREG_TESTDIRS = tools/jdeps
 # Run jtreg tests
 #       Installed location of jtreg

@@ -424,11 +425,11 @@
 # Used to force a target rules to run
 # Phony targets (e.g. these are not filenames)
 .PHONY: all clean \
-        jtreg javac javadoc javah javap jtreg-tests jtreg-summary check-jtreg \
+        jtreg javac javadoc javah javap jdeps jtreg-tests jtreg-summary check-jtreg \
         jck-compiler jck-compiler-tests jck-compiler-summary \
         jck-runtime jck-runtime-tests jck-runtime-summary check-jck
 # No use of suffix rules