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@@ -32,10 +32,16 @@
 # To build with all warnings enabled, do the following:
 # make JAVAC_WARNINGS="-Xlint:all -Xmaxwarns 10000"
 JAVAC_WARNINGS := -Xlint:all,-deprecation -Werror
+# The BOOT_JAVAC setup uses the boot jdk compiler to compile the tools
+# and the interim javac, to be run by the boot jdk.
+$(eval $(call SetupJavaCompiler,BOOT_JAVAC, \
+    JAVAC := $(JAVAC), \
+    FLAGS := -XDignore.symbol.file=true -g -Xlint:all$(COMMA)-deprecation -Werror))
 # Any java code executed during a JDK build to build other parts of the JDK must be 
 # executed by the bootstrap JDK (probably with -Xbootclasspath/p: ) and for this 
 # purpose must be built with -target PREVIOUS for bootstrapping purposes, which 
 # requires restricting to language level and api of previous JDK.