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@@ -470,11 +470,11 @@
       # Now execute the newly created bat file.
       # The | cat is to stop SetEnv.Cmd to mess with system colors on msys.
       # Change directory so we don't need to mess with Windows paths in redirects.
       cd $VS_ENV_TMP_DIR
       $CMD /c extract-vs-env.bat | $CAT
-      cd $CURDIR
       if test ! -s $VS_ENV_TMP_DIR/set-vs-env.sh; then
         AC_MSG_NOTICE([Could not succesfully extract the environment variables needed for the VS setup.])
         AC_MSG_NOTICE([Try setting --with-tools-dir to the VC/bin directory within the VS installation])
         AC_MSG_NOTICE([or run "bash.exe -l" from a VS command prompt and then run configure from there.])
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