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rev 5188 : 8024344: PPC64 (part 112): C argument in register AND stack slot.
Summary: On PPC, the first 13 floating point arguments to C calls are passed in floating point registers. Also, all but the first 8 arguments are passed on the stack. So there can be floating point arguments that are passed on the stack and in a register. We duplicate the regs datastructure in c_calling_convention() to represent this.

@@ -41,10 +41,11 @@
 define_pd_global(bool,  UncommonNullCast,     true);
 define_pd_global(intx,  CodeEntryAlignment,   32);
 define_pd_global(intx,  OptoLoopAlignment,    16);
 define_pd_global(intx,  InlineFrequencyCount, 100);
+define_pd_global(intx,  InlineSmallCode,      1000 );
 define_pd_global(intx,  PreInflateSpin,       10);
 define_pd_global(intx,  StackYellowPages,     2);
 define_pd_global(intx,  StackRedPages,        1);
 define_pd_global(intx,  StackShadowPages,     5 LP64_ONLY(+1) DEBUG_ONLY(+3));