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rev 11647 : 8161258: Simplify including platform files.
Summary: Include patform files with macros cpu_header() etc. Do various cleanups of macro usages. Remove _64/_32 from adlc generated files and platform .hpp files. Merge stubRoutines_x86*.hpp. Remove empty mutex_<os>* files.
Reviewed-by: dholmes, coleenp, kbarrett

@@ -3302,11 +3302,11 @@
   result_val->init_req(no_int_result_path, intcon(0));
   // drop through to next case
   set_control( _gvn.transform(new IfTrueNode(iff_bit)));
-#ifndef TARGET_OS_FAMILY_windows
+#ifndef _WINDOWS
   // (c) Or, if interrupt bit is set and clear_int is false, use 2nd fast path.
   Node* clr_arg = argument(1);
   Node* cmp_arg = _gvn.transform(new CmpINode(clr_arg, intcon(0)));
   Node* bol_arg = _gvn.transform(new BoolNode(cmp_arg, BoolTest::ne));
   IfNode* iff_arg = create_and_map_if(control(), bol_arg, PROB_FAIR, COUNT_UNKNOWN);

@@ -3319,11 +3319,11 @@
   // drop through to next case
   set_control( _gvn.transform(new IfTrueNode(iff_arg)));
   // To return true on Windows you must read the _interrupted field
   // and check the event state i.e. take the slow path.
-#endif // TARGET_OS_FAMILY_windows
+#endif // _WINDOWS
   // (d) Otherwise, go to the slow path.
   set_control( _gvn.transform(slow_region));
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