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rev 11647 : 8161258: Simplify including platform files.
Summary: Include patform files with macros cpu_header() etc. Do various cleanups of macro usages. Remove _64/_32 from adlc generated files and platform .hpp files. Merge stubRoutines_x86*.hpp. Remove empty mutex_<os>* files.
Reviewed-by: dholmes, coleenp, kbarrett

@@ -1740,11 +1740,11 @@
 void os::realign_memory(char *addr, size_t bytes, size_t alignment_hint) {
   pd_realign_memory(addr, bytes, alignment_hint);
-#ifndef TARGET_OS_FAMILY_windows
+#ifndef _WINDOWS
 /* try to switch state from state "from" to state "to"
  * returns the state set after the method is complete
 os::SuspendResume::State os::SuspendResume::switch_state(os::SuspendResume::State from,
                                                          os::SuspendResume::State to)
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