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rev 47329 : 8189102: All tools should support -?, -h and --help

@@ -32,11 +32,11 @@
 \  -overview <file>                 Read overview documentation from HTML file\n\
 \  -public                          Show only public classes and members\n\
 \  -protected                       Show protected/public classes and members (default)\n\
 \  -package                         Show package/protected/public classes and members\n\
 \  -private                         Show all classes and members\n\
-\  -help                            Display command line options and exit\n\
+\  --help                           Display command line options and exit\n\
 \  -doclet <class>                  Generate output via alternate doclet\n\
 \  -docletpath <path>               Specify where to find doclet class files\n\
 \  --module-source-path <path>      Specify where to find input source files for multiple modules\n\
 \  --upgrade-module-path <path>     Override location of upgradeable modules\n\
 \  --module-path <path>, -p <path>  Specify where to find application modules\n\
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