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rev 48074 : 8189102: All tools should support -?, -h and --help
Reviewed-by: kvn, jjg, weijun, alanb, rfield, ksrini

@@ -116,12 +116,14 @@
                 "  [-providerArg <arg>]] ... configure argument for -providerClass"},
                 "[-strict]                   treat warnings as errors"},
                 "[-conf <url>]               specify a pre-configured options file"},
+        {".print.this.help.message",
+                "[-? -h --help]              Print this help message"},
         {"Option.lacks.argument", "Option lacks argument"},
-        {"Please.type.jarsigner.help.for.usage", "Please type jarsigner -help for usage"},
+        {"Please.type.jarsigner.help.for.usage", "Please type jarsigner --help for usage"},
         {"Please.specify.jarfile.name", "Please specify jarfile name"},
         {"Please.specify.alias.name", "Please specify alias name"},
         {"Only.one.alias.can.be.specified", "Only one alias can be specified"},
                  "This jar contains signed entries which are not signed by the specified alias(es)."},
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