rev 48074 : 8189102: All tools should support -?, -h and --help
Reviewed-by: kvn, jjg, weijun, alanb, rfield, ksrini

   1 Usage: jstat --help|-options
   2        jstat -<option> [-t] [-h<lines>] <vmid> [<interval> [<count>]]
   4 Definitions:
   5   <option>      An option reported by the -options option
   6   <vmid>        Virtual Machine Identifier. A vmid takes the following form:
   7                      <lvmid>[@<hostname>[:<port>]]
   8                 Where <lvmid> is the local vm identifier for the target
   9                 Java virtual machine, typically a process id; <hostname> is
  10                 the name of the host running the target Java virtual machine;
  11                 and <port> is the port number for the rmiregistry on the
  12                 target host. See the jvmstat documentation for a more complete
  13                 description of the Virtual Machine Identifier.
  14   <lines>       Number of samples between header lines.
  15   <interval>    Sampling interval. The following forms are allowed:
  16                     <n>["ms"|"s"]
  17                 Where <n> is an integer and the suffix specifies the units as 
  18                 milliseconds("ms") or seconds("s"). The default units are "ms".
  19   <count>       Number of samples to take before terminating.
  20   -J<flag>      Pass <flag> directly to the runtime system.
  21   -? -h --help  Prints this help message.
  22   -help         Prints this help message.
--- EOF ---