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rev 8155 : 8170409: CMS: Crash in CardTableModRefBSForCTRS::process_chunk_boundaries

@@ -215,11 +215,11 @@
   typedef jbyte*  CardPtr;
   typedef CardPtr* CardArr;
   CardArr* _lowest_non_clean;
   size_t*  _lowest_non_clean_chunk_size;
   uintptr_t* _lowest_non_clean_base_chunk_index;
-  int* _last_LNC_resizing_collection;
+  volatile int* _last_LNC_resizing_collection;
   // Initializes "lowest_non_clean" to point to the array for the region
   // covering "sp", and "lowest_non_clean_base_chunk_index" to the chunk
   // index of the corresponding to the first element of that array.
   // Ensures that these arrays are of sufficient size, allocating if necessary.
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