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@@ -50,12 +50,13 @@
 parser.error.no.func.decl.here=Function declarations can only occur at program or function body level. You should use a function expression here instead.
 parser.error.no.func.decl.here.warn=Function declarations should only occur at program or function body level. Function declaration in nested block was converted to a function expression.
 parser.error.property.redefinition=Property "{0}" already defined
 parser.error.unexpected.token=Unexpected token: {0}
 parser.error.for.each.without.in=for each can only be used with for..in
-parser.error.many.vars.in.for.in.loop=Only one variable allowed in for..in loop
-parser.error.not.lvalue.for.in.loop=Invalid left side value of for..in loop
+parser.error.many.vars.in.for.in.loop=Only one variable allowed in for..{0} loop
+parser.error.not.lvalue.for.in.loop=Invalid left side value of for..{0} loop
+parser.error.for.in.loop.initializer=for..{0] loop declaration must not have an initializer
 parser.error.missing.catch.or.finally=Missing catch or finally after try
 parser.error.regex.unsupported.flag=Unsupported RegExp flag: {0}
 parser.error.regex.repeated.flag=Repeated RegExp flag: {0}
 parser.error.trailing.comma.in.json=Trailing comma is not allowed in JSON
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