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  27 bundler.name=Mac Application Image
  28 bundler.description=A Directory based image of a mac Application with an optionally co-bundled JRE.  Used as a base for the Installer bundlers
  30 param.signing-key-developer-id-app.name=Apple Developer ID Application Signing Key
  31 param.signing-key-developer-id-app.description=The full name of the Apple Developer ID Application signing key.
  33 param.icon-icns.name=.icns Icon
  34 param.icon-icns.description=Icon for the application, in ICNS format.
  36 param.config-root.name=Config Root Dir
  37 param.config-root.description=Configuration directory.
  39 param.configure-launcher-in-plist=Configure Launcher in Info.plist
  40 param.configure-launcher-in-plist.description=Should the legacy method of configuring hte launcher in the Info.plist be used.
  42 param.category-name=Category
  43 param.category-name.description=Mac App Store Categories. Note that the key is the string to display to the user and the value is the id of the category.
  45 param.cfbundle-name.name=CFBundleName
  46 param.cfbundle-name.description=The name of the app as it appears in the Menu Bar.  This can be different from the application name.  This name should be less than 16 characters long and be suitable for displaying in the menu bar and the app's Info window.
  48 param.cfbundle-identifier.name=CFBundleIdentifier
  49 param.cfbundle-identifier.description=An identifier that uniquely identifies the application for MacOSX (and on the Mac App Store).  May only use alphanumeric (A-Z,a-z,0-9), hyphen (-), and period (.) characters.
  51 param.cfbundle-version.name=CFBundleVersion
  52 param.cfbundle-version.description=An computer readable version for the CFBundle.  May contain only digits and from zero to two dots, such as "1.8.1" or "100".
  54 param.bundle-id-signing-prefix.name=Bundle Signing Prefix
  55 param.bundle-id-signing-prefix.description=When signing the application bundle this value is prefixed to all components that need to be signed that don't have an existing CFBundleIdentifier.
  57 param.raw-executable-url.name=Launcher URL
  58 param.raw-executable-url.description=Override the packager default launcher with a custom launcher.
  60 param.default-icon-icns=Default Icon
  61 param.default-icon-icns.description=The Default Icon for when a user does not specify an icns file.
  63 error.invalid-cfbundle-version=Invalid CFBundleVersion - ''{0}''
  64 error.invalid-cfbundle-version.advice=Set a compatible 'appVersion' or set a 'mac.CFBundleVersion'.  Valid versions are one to three integers separated by dots.
  65 error.explicit-sign-no-cert=Signature explicitly requested but no signing certificate specified.
  66 error.explicit-sign-no-cert.advice=Either specify a valid cert in 'mac.signing-key-developer-id-app' or unset 'signBundle' or set 'signBundle' to false.
  67 error.non-existent-runtime=The file for the Runtime/JRE directory does not exist.
  68 error.non-existent-runtime.advice=Point the runtime parameter to a directory that containes the JRE.
  69 error.cannot-detect-runtime-in-directory=Cannot determine which JRE/JDK exists in the specified runtime directory.
  70 error.cannot-detect-runtime-in-directory.advice=Point the runtime directory to one of the JDK/JRE root, the Contents/Home directory of that root, or the Contents/Home/jre directory of the JDK.
  71 resource.bundle-config-file=Bundle config file
  73 message.bundle-name-too-long-warning={0} is set to ''{1}'', which is longer than 16 characters.  For a better Mac experience consider shortening it.
  74 message.no-mac-jre-support=Currently Macs require a JDK to package
  75 message.null-classpath=Null app resources?
  76 message.preparing-info-plist=Preparing Info.plist\: {0}
  77 message.icon-not-icns= The specified icon "{0}" is not an ICNS file and will not be used.  The default icon will be used in it's place.
  78 message.version-string-too-many-components=Version sting may have between 1 and 3 numbers: 1, 1.2, 1.2.3.
  79 message.version-string-first-number-not-zero=The first number in a CFBundleVersion cannot be zero or negative.
  80 message.version-string-no-negative-numbers=Negative numbers are not allowed in version strings.
  81 message.version-string-numbers-only=Version strings can consist of only numbers and up to two dots.
  82 message.creating-association-with-null-extension=Creating association with null extension.