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rev 58428 : [mq]: XXXXXXX-typos

@@ -60,11 +60,11 @@
      * stream is initially open.  The stream is closed by calling the
      * {@code close()} method.  Subsequent calls to {@code close()} have no
      * effect.
      * <p> While the stream is open, the {@code read()}, {@code read(char[])},
-     * {@code read(char[], int, int)}, {@code read(Charbuffer)}, {@code
+     * {@code read(char[], int, int)}, {@code read(CharBuffer)}, {@code
      * ready()}, {@code skip(long)}, and {@code transferTo()} methods all
      * behave as if end of stream has been reached. After the stream has been
      * closed, these methods all throw {@code IOException}.
      * <p> The {@code markSupported()} method returns {@code false}.  The
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