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@@ -295,11 +295,11 @@
       $1_VARDEPS := $$($1_CFLAGS) $$($1_CXXFLAGS) $$($1_OPTIMIZATION)
       $1_VARDEPS_FILE := $$(call DependOnVariable, $1_VARDEPS, $$($1_OBJ).vardeps)
     $$($1_OBJ): $$($1_SRC_FILE) $$($$($1_BASE)_COMPILE_VARDEPS_FILE) \
-        $$($1_VARDEPS_FILE) | $$($$($1_BASE)_BUILD_INFO)
+        $$($$($1_BASE)_EXTRA_DEPS) $$($1_VARDEPS_FILE) | $$($$($1_BASE)_BUILD_INFO)
         $$(call LogInfo, Compiling $$($1_FILENAME) (for $$($$($1_BASE)_BASENAME)))
         $$(call MakeDir, $$(@D))
         ifneq ($(TOOLCHAIN_TYPE), microsoft)
           ifeq ($(TOOLCHAIN_TYPE)$$(filter %.s, $$($1_FILENAME)), solstudio)
             # The Solaris studio compiler doesn't output the full path to the

@@ -364,10 +364,11 @@
 #   INCLUDE_FILES only compile exactly these files!
 #   EXCLUDE_FILES with these names
 #   EXCLUDE_PATTERN exclude files matching any of these substrings
 #   EXTRA_FILES List of extra files not in any of the SRC dirs
 #   EXTRA_OBJECT_FILES List of extra object files to include when linking
+#   EXTRA_DEPS List of extra dependencies to be added to each compiled file
 #   VERSIONINFO_RESOURCE Input file for RC. Setting this implies that RC will be run
 #   RC_FLAGS flags for RC.
 #   EMBED_MANIFEST if true, embed manifest on Windows.
 #   MAPFILE mapfile
 #   REORDER reorder file
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