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@@ -268,10 +268,11 @@
   Value flattenable_load_field_prolog(LoadField* x, CodeEmitInfo* info);
   void access_flattened_array(bool is_load, LIRItem& array, LIRItem& index, LIRItem& obj_item);
   bool needs_flattened_array_store_check(StoreIndexed* x);
   void check_flattened_array(LIRItem& array, CodeStub* slow_path);
+  void substituability_check(IfOp* x, LIRItem& left, LIRItem& right, LIRItem& t_val, LIRItem& f_val);
   LIR_Opr call_runtime(BasicTypeArray* signature, LIRItemList* args, address entry, ValueType* result_type, CodeEmitInfo* info);
   LIR_Opr call_runtime(BasicTypeArray* signature, LIR_OprList* args, address entry, ValueType* result_type, CodeEmitInfo* info);

@@ -325,11 +326,11 @@
   ciObject* get_jobject_constant(Value value);
   LIRItemList* invoke_visit_arguments(Invoke* x);
   void invoke_load_arguments(Invoke* x, LIRItemList* args, const LIR_OprList* arg_list);
+  void invoke_load_one_argument(LIRItem* param, LIR_Opr loc);
   void trace_block_entry(BlockBegin* block);
   // volatile field operations are never patchable because a klass
   // must be loaded to know it's volatile which means that the offset
   // it always known as well.
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