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class:X509CRLEntry [NONE]

  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public abstract class X509CRLEntry
    extends Object
    implements X509Extension

    Abstract class for a revoked certificate in a CRL (Certificate Revocation List). The ASN.1 definition for revokedCertificates is:

     revokedCertificates    SEQUENCE OF SEQUENCE  {
         userCertificate    CertificateSerialNumber,
         revocationDate     ChoiceOfTime,
         crlEntryExtensions Extensions OPTIONAL
                            -- if present, must be v2
     }  OPTIONAL
     CertificateSerialNumber  ::=  INTEGER
     Extensions  ::=  SEQUENCE SIZE (1..MAX) OF Extension
     Extension  ::=  SEQUENCE  {
         extnId        OBJECT IDENTIFIER,
         critical      BOOLEAN DEFAULT FALSE,
         extnValue     OCTET STRING
                       -- contains a DER encoding of a value
                       -- of the type registered for use with
                       -- the extnId object identifier value

    See Also:
    X509CRL, X509Extension

constructor:<init>() [NONE]

  • X509CRLEntry

    public X509CRLEntry()

method:equals(java.lang.Object) [NONE]

  • equals

    public boolean equals​(Object other)
    Compares this CRL entry for equality with the given object. If the other object is an instanceofX509CRLEntry, then its encoded form (the inner SEQUENCE) is retrieved and compared with the encoded form of this CRL entry.
    equals in class Object
    other - the object to test for equality with this CRL entry.
    true iff the encoded forms of the two CRL entries match, false otherwise.
    See Also:
    Object.hashCode(), HashMap

method:hashCode() [NONE]

method:getEncoded() [NONE]

  • getEncoded

    public abstract byte[] getEncoded()
                               throws CRLException
    Returns the ASN.1 DER-encoded form of this CRL Entry, that is the inner SEQUENCE.
    the encoded form of this certificate
    CRLException - if an encoding error occurs.

method:getSerialNumber() [NONE]

  • getSerialNumber

    public abstract BigInteger getSerialNumber()
    Gets the serial number from this X509CRLEntry, the userCertificate.
    the serial number.

method:getCertificateIssuer() [NONE]

  • getCertificateIssuer

    public X500Principal getCertificateIssuer()
    Get the issuer of the X509Certificate described by this entry. If the certificate issuer is also the CRL issuer, this method returns null.

    This method is used with indirect CRLs. The default implementation always returns null. Subclasses that wish to support indirect CRLs should override it.

    the issuer of the X509Certificate described by this entry or null if it is issued by the CRL issuer.

method:getRevocationDate() [NONE]

  • getRevocationDate

    public abstract Date getRevocationDate()
    Gets the revocation date from this X509CRLEntry, the revocationDate.
    the revocation date.

method:hasExtensions() [NONE]

  • hasExtensions

    public abstract boolean hasExtensions()
    Returns true if this CRL entry has extensions.
    true if this entry has extensions, false otherwise.

method:toString() [NONE]

  • toString

    public abstract String toString()
    Returns a string representation of this CRL entry.
    toString in class Object
    a string representation of this CRL entry.

method:getRevocationReason() [NONE]

  • getRevocationReason

    public CRLReason getRevocationReason()
    Returns the reason the certificate has been revoked, as specified in the Reason Code extension of this CRL entry.
    the reason the certificate has been revoked, or null if this CRL entry does not have a Reason Code extension

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