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class:AppletInitializer [NONE]

method:initialize(java.applet.Applet,java.beans.beancontext.BeanContext) [NONE]

  • initialize

    void initialize‚Äč(Applet newAppletBean,
                    BeanContext bCtxt)

    If passed to the appropriate variant of java.beans.Beans.instantiate this method will be called in order to associate the newly instantiated Applet (JavaBean) with its AppletContext, AppletStub, and Container.

    Conformant implementations shall:

    1. Associate the newly instantiated Applet with the appropriate AppletContext.
    2. Instantiate an AppletStub() and associate that AppletStub with the Applet via an invocation of setStub().
    3. If BeanContext parameter is null, then it shall associate the Applet with its appropriate Container by adding that Applet to its Container via an invocation of add(). If the BeanContext parameter is non-null, then it is the responsibility of the BeanContext to associate the Applet with its Container during the subsequent invocation of its addChildren() method.

    newAppletBean - The newly instantiated JavaBean
    bCtxt - The BeanContext intended for this Applet, or null.

method:activate(java.applet.Applet) [NONE]

  • activate

    void activate‚Äč(Applet newApplet)

    Activate, and/or mark Applet active. Implementors of this interface shall mark this Applet as active, and optionally invoke its start() method.

    newApplet - The newly instantiated JavaBean

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