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class:Visibility [NONE]

  • All Known Subinterfaces:
    BeanContext, BeanContextServices
    All Known Implementing Classes:
    BeanContextServicesSupport, BeanContextSupport

    public interface Visibility
    Under some circumstances a bean may be run on servers where a GUI is not available. This interface can be used to query a bean to determine whether it absolutely needs a gui, and to advise the bean whether a GUI is available.

    This interface is for expert developers, and is not needed for normal simple beans. To avoid confusing end-users we avoid using getXXX setXXX design patterns for these methods.


method:needsGui() [NONE]

  • needsGui

    boolean needsGui()
    Determines whether this bean needs a GUI.
    True if the bean absolutely needs a GUI available in order to get its work done.

method:dontUseGui() [NONE]

  • dontUseGui

    void dontUseGui()
    This method instructs the bean that it should not use the Gui.

method:okToUseGui() [NONE]

  • okToUseGui

    void okToUseGui()
    This method instructs the bean that it is OK to use the Gui.

method:avoidingGui() [NONE]

  • avoidingGui

    boolean avoidingGui()
    Determines whether this bean is avoiding using a GUI.
    true if the bean is currently avoiding use of the Gui. e.g. due to a call on dontUseGui().

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