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class:AbstractSelectionKey [NONE]

  • public abstract class AbstractSelectionKey
    extends SelectionKey
    Base implementation class for selection keys.

    This class tracks the validity of the key and implements cancellation.


constructor:<init>() [NONE]

  • AbstractSelectionKey

    protected AbstractSelectionKey()
    Initializes a new instance of this class.

method:isValid() [NONE]

  • isValid

    public final boolean isValid()
    Description copied from class: SelectionKey
    Tells whether or not this key is valid.

    A key is valid upon creation and remains so until it is cancelled, its channel is closed, or its selector is closed.

    Specified by:
    isValid in class SelectionKey
    true if, and only if, this key is valid

method:cancel() [NONE]

  • cancel

    public final void cancel()
    Cancels this key.

    If this key has not yet been cancelled then it is added to its selector's cancelled-key set while synchronized on that set.

    Specified by:
    cancel in class SelectionKey

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