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class:Line.Info [NONE]

constructor:<init>(java.lang.Class) [NONE]

  • Info

    public Info​(Class<?> lineClass)
    Constructs an info object that describes a line of the specified class. This constructor is typically used by an application to describe a desired line.
    lineClass - the class of the line that the new Line.Info object describes

method:getLineClass() [NONE]

  • getLineClass

    public Class<?> getLineClass()
    Obtains the class of the line that this Line.Info object describes.
    the described line's class

method:matches(javax.sound.sampled.Line.Info) [NONE]

  • matches

    public boolean matches​(Line.Info info)
    Indicates whether the specified info object matches this one. To match, the specified object must be identical to or a special case of this one. The specified info object must be either an instance of the same class as this one, or an instance of a sub-type of this one. In addition, the attributes of the specified object must be compatible with the capabilities of this one. Specifically, the routing configuration for the specified info object must be compatible with that of this one. Subclasses may add other criteria to determine whether the two objects match.
    info - the info object which is being compared to this one
    true if the specified object matches this one, false otherwise

method:toString() [NONE]

  • toString

    public String toString()
    Obtains a textual description of the line info.
    toString in class Object
    a string description

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