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class:MetalDesktopIconUI [NONE]

constructor:<init>() [NONE]

  • MetalDesktopIconUI

    public MetalDesktopIconUI()
    Constructs a new instance of MetalDesktopIconUI.

method:createUI(javax.swing.JComponent) [NONE]

  • createUI

    public static ComponentUI createUI​(JComponent c)
    Constructs a new instance of MetalDesktopIconUI.
    c - a component
    a new instance of MetalDesktopIconUI

method:installDefaults() [NONE]

method:installComponents() [NONE]

method:uninstallComponents() [NONE]

method:installListeners() [NONE]

method:uninstallListeners() [NONE]

method:getPreferredSize(javax.swing.JComponent) [NONE]

  • getPreferredSize

    public Dimension getPreferredSize​(JComponent c)
    Description copied from class: ComponentUI
    Returns the specified component's preferred size appropriate for the look and feel. If null is returned, the preferred size will be calculated by the component's layout manager instead (this is the preferred approach for any component with a specific layout manager installed). The default implementation of this method returns null.
    getPreferredSize in class BasicDesktopIconUI
    c - the component whose preferred size is being queried; this argument is often ignored, but might be used if the UI object is stateless and shared by multiple components
    a Dimension object containing given component's preferred size appropriate for the look and feel
    See Also:
    JComponent.getPreferredSize(), LayoutManager.preferredLayoutSize(java.awt.Container)

method:getMinimumSize(javax.swing.JComponent) [NONE]

method:getMaximumSize(javax.swing.JComponent) [NONE]

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