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class:MetalFileChooserUI.FilterComboBoxModel [NONE]

field:filters [NONE]

  • filters

    protected FileFilter[] filters
    An array of file filters.

constructor:<init>() [NONE]

  • FilterComboBoxModel

    protected FilterComboBoxModel()
    Constructs an instance of FilterComboBoxModel.

method:propertyChange(java.beans.PropertyChangeEvent) [NONE]

method:setSelectedItem(java.lang.Object) [NONE]

  • setSelectedItem

    public void setSelectedItem​(Object filter)
    Description copied from interface: ComboBoxModel
    Set the selected item. The implementation of this method should notify all registered ListDataListeners that the contents have changed.
    Specified by:
    setSelectedItem in interface ComboBoxModel<Object>
    filter - the list object to select or null to clear the selection

method:getSelectedItem() [NONE]

method:getSize() [NONE]

  • getSize

    public int getSize()
    Description copied from interface: ListModel
    Returns the length of the list.
    Specified by:
    getSize in interface ListModel<Object>
    the length of the list

method:getElementAt(int) [NONE]

  • getElementAt

    public Object getElementAt​(int index)
    Description copied from interface: ListModel
    Returns the value at the specified index.
    Specified by:
    getElementAt in interface ListModel<Object>
    index - the requested index
    the value at index

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