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class:ChangedCharSetException [NONE]

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    public class ChangedCharSetException
    extends IOException
    ChangedCharSetException as the name indicates is an exception thrown when the charset is changed.
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    Serialized Form

constructor:<init>(java.lang.String,boolean) [NONE]

  • ChangedCharSetException

    public ChangedCharSetException​(String charSetSpec,
                                   boolean charSetKey)
    Constructs a ChangedCharSetException.
    charSetSpec - name of the char set specification
    charSetKey - char set key

method:getCharSetSpec() [NONE]

  • getCharSetSpec

    public String getCharSetSpec()
    Returns the char set specification.
    the char set specification

method:keyEqualsCharSet() [NONE]

  • keyEqualsCharSet

    public boolean keyEqualsCharSet()
    Returns the char set key.
    the char set key

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